VisionTMS is proud to partner with MindSkiller®, an engaging eLearning and eTraining platform dedicated to enhancing mental health literacy. MindSkiller® was developed by leading psychiatrist, mental health expert and educator Dr Gary Galambos, who is an active advocate for improved mental healthcare.


About MindSkiller®

MindSkiller® is a user-friendly eLearning and eTraining platform for self-help and upskilling clinicians, carers, coaches and mentors to help others. When used alongside VisionTMS treatments, MindSkiller® can assist in recovery from mental health disorders.

  • Specialist knowledge, skills and strategies for patients and help providers.
  • Complements existing primary and specialist healthcare being received.
  • Instant access to help providers for eLearning support and to gain a deeper understanding of the types of help available.
  • Accredited certification for help providers.


  • At its heart, MindSkiller is an education platform for health consumers and the help-provider workforce.
  • Its aim is to improve mental health literacy and understanding of new mental health care technologies and innovations.
  • Consumers can optimise their self-help, help-seeking and improve the experience of their journey through the health system.


  • This is a novel way of using telehealth where Help-Seekers can instantly access Help-Providers for mental health support and guidance with their eLearning.


  • Our quality database of innovative mental health services and technologies have been accredited by our MindSkiller Virtual Hospital.
  • The virtual hospital ensures safety and quality healthcare support within the MindSkiller ecosystem.
  • Our data-driven software platform assists help-seekers to match their needs with quality health information and services they are searching for.

MindSkiller® Benefits

Engaging training modules use visual analogies, jargon-free language and role play.

  • Provides practical coping strategies for self-care or to help others.
  • Builds resilience and mental fitness and improves mental health recovery.
  • Increases the capacity of clinicians, mentors, coaches, healthcare services and innovators to respond to the growth in mental ill health.
  • Fills the gaps in current digital mental health services and healthcare systems.

Explore MindSkiller®

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